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I'm glad you stopped by to take a look at my site you'll find all sorts of useful info about me here. Plus ways to contact me to find out even more. The cliff notes would portray that I am a hard working video editor/tech genius with an insatiable appetite for learning, a propensity for helping others and a strong desire to push beyond the limits. With that said, I encourage you to explore for yourself and feel free to contact me with any questions that come to mind.

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With over 8 years in production I've built a strong set of skills in the edit suite, remote or set studios, and for live events. In addition to these strongly developed skills, I have a deep foundation in technology from working on computers and taking things apart over the course of my life. Listed below you'll find roles I have previously excelled in along with strengths that I possess core knowledge in. Next are clients that I am grateful to have served. Followed by a glimpse at how I strive to keep myself involved and knowledgeable in aspects of life outside of tech.






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Volunteering for Life Remodeled doing beautification work in the neighborhood surrounding Osborn High School. One of two before photos of an overgrown backyard we voluteered to clean up. Two of two before photos of an overgrown and trashed backyard we voluteered to clean up. The after photo of the same yard with a cleaned out garage and no more over growth. A panoramic look at the amazing effort put forth by a community of great people. Trees I planted at DIB while volunteering for Ponyride. We planted over 30 trees that day throughout Roosevelt Park. My marathon running shoes I used when running for Team in Training. My Team in Training sponsor Sally and myself. I would not have had the courage to do what I did without her. A post marathon picture in Paris. One of over 25 blood doantions I've made in my life. Volunteering at Tough Mudder. One of the concrete canoes that I was responsible for as the safety boat captain at the ASCE Concrete Canoe Races.


Harry S Truman, High School
H.S. Diploma 3.998
Lawrence Technological University
Higher Education Studies
Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts
Video Diploma
Khan Academy
The 7 Habits of
Highly Effective People

-Stephen Covey
-Ray Dalio
Self Reliance
-Ralph Waldo Emerson
The Autobiography
of Benjamin Franklin

-Ben Franklin
What the Dog Saw
-Malcolm Gladwell

What People Say

"You are a wonderful person for making such a committment. Someone (Joanie) ought to do a documentary about you!"
~Diana Lewis, WXYZ Anchor

"Sean and Rick are some of THE-BEST individuals for which my 20 years of production experience has ever engaged; it's an honor to work with you! Thank you, very sincerely, for ALL that you do."
~Matt Alford, GMVC